Tuesday, September 15, 2009


well.. almost except for the binding in this last shot.... but my "binder"( Hi Mom!) has since reported it being completed...
Sometimes when working on a single project for an extended period of time ( it's been a year) it is hard to get a clear perspective . In this case the ( almost) finished project left me feeling a bit wanting. I was stressing it and second guessing myself ( unusual because 95% of the time the quilt top has been created by the client.....this was that 5% where is was all my design but still dictated by the scarves themselves) Then my Mom suggested we put it on the bed. That made ALL the difference.
Now I am confident that whichever residence( Texas or Indiana) it calls home , will be just the right place for it to be viewed used and enjoyed!
I learned a LOT about working with silk from this project,mostly that it has a mind of its own. I did enjoy the challenge of taking these "ruined" scarves and creating a new useful and ( hopefully) aesthetically pleasing piece that will remind the owner of the memories and events each scarf signifies.


self taught artist said...

in credible how much work this has been but from the looks of it...WORTH IT. congrats on finishing! i'm sure they will LOVE it.

schnoobie said...

Recipient was pleased as punch!
"Silk Monster" will be the focal point for master bedroom in new condo in Chigago...and will be finished off with matching pillow shams!