Wednesday, August 06, 2008


SAFARI BABY QUILT 42.5x51 INCHES Drapery Weight Brushed Flannel Twill (both sides)
Outline Quilted Neutral Colors perfect for any baby!! $75.00

GRUNGE PLAID PATCH QUILT ( custom matching pillow covers are available for an extra charge)83x73 INCHES Drapery Weight Plaid patches on front, garment weight flannel on back. Utility quilted in large X design. Perfect for the "outdoorsy alternative dude getting the band back together while eating pizza with the family dog in the basement " types.$ 150.00
SPRING PATCH ( custom pillow covers available for extra charge) 74.5X77 inches
Fresh, different and one of a kind!!! Would be lovely in a young girls room , yet cool enough for a teenager. Top Fabric imported from Germany, muslin backing and binding.$175.00

I've been partially unemployed since Mid-June and it's starting to get pretty scary around here. I've been looking and applying for jobs since then but as any of you job seekers's slim pickens out there.
All new materials (batting and fabrics) 100% cotton ( fabric batting and thread)
Please feel free to e-mail me if you are interested in purchasing or have more questions ( "quilts for sale" subject heading please...... or if you would like to see more photos....(Click on photos for close up viewing..)
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Anna Banana said...

I know what you mean, having been chronically underemployed myself.

My husband just returned to work last week after 9 months of disability. I told him he was a slacker since I could have made a baby in 9 months while he has nothing to show for himself. :) Although there is that part about him still being ALIVE. That is no small feat. Anyway, so what does he do his first day back to work? He takes a bereavement day (his mother died). More teasing ensued. Actually, I took it easy on him. He is still very weak, and he just lost his grandmother in March and now his mom. The past 9 months have been a little hard on him.

So it is going to start feeling like Christmas around here once his paychecks start rolling in again. We have been living on 40% of his former income and now we are going back to 100%. I guess you could say this has been a rags to riches, to rags, to riches.....story.

I have been having a hard time landing a job too. I stopped trying about a month ago when his mom got real bad and needed a lot of care. Now I am waiting until after Quilt Fest '08. But it is hard out there!

schnoobie said...

I've NEVER EVER had such a hard time finding a full time job in my life!!! I told the dogs they had to get paper routes, cats have to at least press the laundry and chickens are in charge of mowing the yard. Glad to hear you kids are back on the road to Fat City!!
Sorry to hear about your hubby's Mom and Grandma though...
Looking forward to pics of Quiltfest 08!!!!