Monday, April 14, 2008

International Quilt Show, Chicago 2008

Hello again!
I have to apologize to the 3 people that actually read my blog. I was told just this weekend that I had to update cause the winter pics were BRINGIN HER DOWN!!
Well word to your Mother, Mrs. Robinson!!(and I hope she is doing well) I am here for YOU and to say Check This OUT!
For those of you who don't know, IQS was in Chicago this weekend and my friend and longarm lady co-hort Sandy and I made a promise to take some classes this year. We weren't fortunate enough to get into the AQS program in Paducah this year so we took advantage of the "proximity" of the Chicago IQS and signed up for both of the Classes Bobbie Aug was teaching.(Intro to Quilt Appraisal: insurance and fair market value and Dating Vintage Fabrics)It was an awesome experience
Here are some shots of a vintage quilt top, another quilt held by the
FABULOUS Bobbie Aug and a shot of some actual vintage fabric we were allowed to fondle and take pics of throughout the entire duration of the class.
We headed up EARLY Thursday am and arrived an hour late due to Traffic and weather. I was scheduled to help set up both APQS booths( 4 Lennis No Waiting! and the other Booth featuring George, the Millennium, etc)Thankfully the timing was just right because Jim and Bob ( 2 of the 3 Major Dudes......awesome!) were just getting there too. I learned a ton and can now say with confidence that I could assemble a machine by myself.
After taking the better part of the day to get the 2 booths set up, we took a break to find the hotel (as if!!!)check in and change into something more Adult -like for the Preview( open to the public for the first time). Now I would like at this time to point out that I am NORMALLY NOT DIRECTIONALLY CHALLENGED and I consider Sandy to be THE MACGUYVER OF LONGARMERS but kids, we must have SET THE RECORD FOR U TURNS on this trip!!Let's just say we experienced every possible route to and from our Hotel with in a 3 day span.
When we got to the Hotel Thursday night @ 10:30 P.M ( after exhausting our eating options at MacDonalds!)we discovered there wasn't a single place to park. Seriously, people were parking on the grass, in front of the dumpsters, at the entrance......We were SO EXHAUSTED and desperate times call for desperate measures.
I insisted we bust out the Handicapped tag( legitimate!) and park in the only spot left. ( Sandy is sure we are going to burn in hell for this one!)We were up and out of that space by 8 the next morning and did not have to use it again.( much to Sandy's relief)
I'm sure she will be COMPLETELY MORTIFIED when she reads this.
Hey Sandy!! Remember....... Tragedy + Time = COMEDY!!!!
Stay tuned for more of the 2008 IQS Saga....and Quilt Pics!!!!


Anna Banana said...

I'm SO very jealous!

Jan said...

i didn't make it, but a friend did, and brought back a piece of fabric with i tihnk 10 japanese fire coats on it. i would love to buy one also, do you by chance have a list of the exhibitors at this show? thanks. jan (munster in!!)