Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Snowy Farmy Quilty 08

It's snowin like a major MOJO here in Farmland.
Weather reports say an additional 4-6 more inches on top of what weve got already.
The only working snowblower is rendered useless in my polebarn due to a very frozen door.
We had planned to go out and see a movie at the nearby theatre but decided against it due to the State Police reporting some roads impassable.So it's going to be a leftover New Years DVD rental.More Johnny Depp."Deadman"
We saw "Sweeny Todd" this past weekend and enjoyed it. Those who might be a bit squeemish ( like myself) will probably want to close their eyes during the super juicy parts. I thought the makeup, costumes and just the general cinematography was outstanding. My favorite part was the "fantasy scene" of Mrs. Lovett.
Do I have to even mention Mr. Depp?????................ go on then, love!
Sooooo,........... anyway................
The snow was up to the top of my snow boots( and falling in) when I went out to let the chickens out
@ 7:30 and my foot prints were covered up by the time I got up to actually start my day.
So here for your viewing pleasure:
a customer quilt I finished a few weeks ago.....it was a big one and will be residing with my clients mother in one of the Carolinas......

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atet said...

Happy New Year! We didn't get nearly as much snow, but don't you love it when it blows everywhere? (yeah, not!) Hope you are staying warm and that the new year brings you much joy, love and laughter!