Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shipshewana 2006

Well another fun and productive retreat we had. Lots of inspiration. Now I really want to attempt something other than my typical big block thing. Thanks guys. Mostly I made some design decisions I had been hemming and hawing about.It's also the tought part.Now that I know what its going to look like I tend to lose interest.Our quilt guild is having our show this June so I need to get these sewn together and quilted (DUH!) for our show. The more examples I have the better chance I have of getting more business.It's a theory.
We stayed at the Farmstead Inn, which has many options for conventions and in our case sewing marathons. And a pool!
Lolly's has opened their new shop in the bigger and better Davis Mercantile which is a must see. Huge wooden beams and a very large tree trunk smack dab in the middle of the center staircase. And JO JO's pretzels. Instead of dinner.
We stopped in to say hello to Rebecca Haarer at her shop of course. Then on to next door where I snagged a cool old quilt top and some vintage red striped sack fabric.Almost bought the black velvet riding cap with the bow but decided it wouldn't go with my not so formal carhartt coat.But no matter!
Yoder's was our first stop of course. Who knew I would find some comfy winter clog slip ons along with my obligatory fabric purchase????
We have booked our quilting retreat next year to coincide with the" 30% off if you wear your PJ's" sale at Lolly's next year.Sorry but that's not even a challenge.Go ahead! Give me a discount for not getting dressed!!How bout an extra fat quarter if I don't comb my hair? hahahahahahahah


schnoobie said...

whoops!! It was so good I had to show you twice!!

Anna Banana said...

Well, it WAS good, so I read it twice!!!

I think I have been to Lolly's...or Nellie's or something like that in Shipshewana. When I visit my sisters in MI we spend a day in Shipshewana at the flea market, general shopping, and we have to go to this special restaurant that they LOVE. I can't remember the name, but it serves the food family style, and it seems to me the outside is kinda bavarian looking. Does this ring any bells with you???? It has been 5 years since I've been there, and my memory is not what it was in my youth......sigh....

I got a new customer yesterday, don't know how, well maybe I do. I have decided to let the business come to ME, instead of pursuing it which hasn't been working. People look at me funny (or maybe I'm imagining it?) if I mention I could help them by quilting their quilt tops. One of the nice ladies from the guild wanted to see how my machine worked because she has a home set up that is not working for her. The promised stitch regulator has never been delivered, and she is very frustrated. She didn't know how much of her trouble was with her, and how much was not having a stitch regulator. We played for a couple hours on Tuesday, and then she called me last night to have me quilt a quilt for her. So I guess I did a sort of sales pitch on Tuesday, but I wasn't trying to. I thought we were just having fun playing around. Go figure! It's all in the attitude you project. If you can project the attitude that you are one busy gal, and maybe, just MAYBE you could fit a quilt or two into your hectic schedule, they will be beating down your door.

I think you are wise to have all those samples for the June show. Just keep talking about how busy you are and see what happens. ;)

ESSEN HAUS!!!! Something like that, is the name of the restaurant my sisters like. It just came to me!

schnoobie said...

Thank you kindly Ms. Banana!!I've never acually eaten at Das Essen Haus...but I've hear they hand you 2 plates to get started...that's in Middlebury actually,,,just down the rd a piece but still Amish . I too have sort of decided to go with the un- approach to getting biz.. It was making me kind of crazy for a while and I've just decided to relax( don't do it) about it. I was expecting my payoff to be equal to that of my effort....but we know it doesnt work that way.....Seems like I keep a certain mumber of quilts in my lineup and it's enough for now.If you ever plan a trip to MI again let me know!!You gotta go to Yoders department store..great fabric selection and shoes too. Last pair I bought when we were just there have become my new faves!!I was thinking of Queenie I'm making some egg salad!!!!