Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Howdy Hi! December 20,2005

Hey!! I' ve decided to try another site for my blog because my previous host has been messin with my serenity. I have been trying to get a real website up and running but they haven't sent me the CD after I've requested it 3 TIMES. This computer was custom built for maximum gaming fun. So for some reason it wont download the free software.Plus it seems all the COOL Art Quilt and Knit bloggers use this site so I'm jumpin on the wagon too. And I think I might learn a few things with this format. Seems a bit more complicated for the not so computer savvy. But so far SEW GOOD!!! Stay tuned ..............

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Mrs. Mel said...

you managed to get two pictures uploaded correctly so there is real hope for you. I await more posts.